Corporate Realty Associates

Why CRA?

We Listen to Your Vision

CRA services to tenants only thereby avoiding any compromise caused by landlord relationships.

Your operational requirements are the drivers behind our real estate strategies.

Our business strategy is to appoint a single contact for coordination of services, assuring consistency and accountability throughout our relationship with you.

With one team member being the primary contact, there is no need to familiarize new representatives for each negotiation.

We are experts in lease management, lease transactions, build to suits, purchase & sale transactions and project/construction management.

CRA will provide the leadership to make fast decisions to respond diligently to clients needs. The result is responsiveness, reliability, and action

CRA services to tenants only thereby avoiding any compromise caused by landlord relationships.

We are the foremost practitioners in this field, representing in excess of one hundred and fifty different local, regional, and national corporations in thousands of locations throughout the United States.
Competitive Advantage

1. Creativity

Corporate Realty Associates is creative and positions real estate strategies to promote client defined operational drivers.

2. Experience

The experience and expertise of Corporate Realty Associates is demonstrated through every level of the process. A thorough understanding of the real estate transaction, as well as construction, insures value added services from concept through to completion.

3. Credibility

Corporate Realty Associates has credibility in the market. Having worked with a substantial number of brokers and landlords locally and nationally, a level of respect for the organization and individuals has evolved over the years.

4. Relationships

Corporate Realty Associates develops and maintains long term client partnerships and completes each and every transaction with this in mind. This creates a relationship that is vested in delivering consistent quality service that will earn us the right to future projects.