Corporate Realty Associates


Since 1989, Corporate Realty Associates has been doing one thing exclusively: representing tenants in commercial real estate transactions.


We are a small group of highly skilled professionals whose entire focus is the needs of the tenant or end user.


Your complete confidence in our representation of you is essential to a positive experience. Because our only obligation is to serve you, the tenant, no conflict of interest can ever exist.


Our extensive experience in tenant representation allows us to quickly assess and understand the operational needs of our clients, eliminating costly delays and missteps.


We work locally and nationally with no geographic boundaries to limit our effectiveness. We build client relationships for the long term with no constraints on the type of services we provide. We maintain consistency in our client contact without passing you to another office as your needs change.


Clients we serve range in size from those needing a single office to some with several hundred locations nationwide. Regardless of the size of your company or complexity of your needs, CRA can save you time, trouble and money on your next commercial real estate transaction.

Mission, Vision and Values

Corporate Realty Associates is committed to providing the best, most comprehensive tenant and end user commercial real estate representation anywhere. CRA is dedicated solely to the advocacy and protection of the client’s present and future interests. We achieve accountability and consistency through a single point of contact, fostering long-term, strategic partnerships. We provide ongoing support, purposefully integrating the client’s real estate objectives into the development of their short and long-range business plans.